A minor gouge, scrape, crease or dent may damage the pipe or coating which can lead to excess corrosion leaks and brakes. Please notify us now.

We will evaluate and repair any damage to the pipeline and prevent future emergencies. Please call when any contact is made with a pipeline, no matter how minor the damage seems. (Click here or the contacts us button above.)

Pipeline Emergencies:

  • Leaking or ruptured pipelines
  • Weakened or damaged pipelines
  • Liquid petroleum product or vapors detect near a public area
  • Fire, explosion, excavation or blasting close to or directly involving a pipeline
  • Soil erosion exposing a pipeline

Recognizing a Pipeline Leak:

  • A pool of liquid on the ground near a pipeline, a dense white cloud or fog over a pipeline, or discolored vegetation surrounding the pipeline; bubbling in marshland, rivers or creeks, or an oily sheen appearing on water surfaces may be a sign of a leak
  • An unusual noise coming from the pipeline, like a hissing or a roaring sound, may be a sign of a leak.
  • An unusual smell or gaseous odor will sometimes accompany a pipeline leak.
  • Frozen ground at the pipeline in warm weather.
  • Dirt blowing up from the ground.

A damaged pipeline can cause a catastrophic series of events:

  • Rupture
  • Erosion
  • Explosion/Fire
  • Crop and environmental damage
  • Cattle and livestock loss

If you experience a pipeline break or leak:
(Click here to determine what you should do if you suspect a leak.)

  • Turn off and abandon the equipment
  • Leave the area at once
  • Warn others of the danger
  • Seek the aid of local authorities
  • Notify the pipeline owners
  • DO NOT not attempt to operate any pipeline valves.
  • DO NOT use open flames or bring anything into the area that may spark ignition of the leaking product (telephones, flashlights, motor vehicles, etc,)

The action you take, from the moment of the break, will determine the seriousness of the accident. PLEASE CALL PROMPTLY

This is how West Shore Pipe Line Company will handle a pipeline Emergency:
The moment we are notified of an emergency, we will dispatch company personnel and equipment to control the flow and make necessary repairs. We will communicate with fire, police and other public officials as required by the nature of the emergency.


  • Call 811 BEFORE YOU DIG
  • Call when you experience a pipeline emergency.
  • Together we can maintain pipeline transportation safety.